The Unlucky Slug

I usually get to go deer hunting a few times during each year’s deer season. I have never shot a deer though. Each time I have gone deer hunting, I chambered the same round or slug cartridge and after an unsuccessful hunt, unloaded this same shotgun shell. When the season was over, I would place this same shell back in its box and put it away for next year.  This has gone on now for over three years.

There is more to these circumstances than just a seemingly unlucky shotgun shell. You see, I’m a husband and a father of very young children.  Out of responsibility for my household, I will not allow myself more than an hour of driving time to a hunting position and end up in the woods with a lot of other hunters who don’t like to travel far either. At least this provides ample opportunity for conversations with other hunters.

I am looking forward to chambering the same, old slug again this fall. I hope it’s still good?  

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