The Charity Game Bag

The Game Bag: Situational Ethics
When I reach the field or water, I like to immediately start a garbage bag. I also like to place any fish or game I harvest in a bag, for transport home. The source of my “bags” is no secret. These bags are delivered for free and are easily converted for outdoor use by applying situational ethics. 

I regularly receive unsolicited, Charity Collection Bags in my mail. I wonder how these Charity Collection Bag Providers got my address, considering we are not in the phone book and only use wireless communication. 
Responding to a Charity Collection Bag provider requires you furnish your personal information: name, address, telephone number & Email.
Here are some quotes from Charity Collection Bag providers, on how your personal information will be transferred & furnished once you respond:
-“We have the right to share your Personal Information with contractors”
-“Third party service providers help us communicate through Email, direct mail, and telephone calls”
-“When there is a merger, bankruptcy or other partnership your personal information may be transferred”
-“It may be possible for other parties to unlawfully access the personal information you share with us”
-“We have the right to change our policy regarding how your personal information is used”

More than 50% of the Charity Collection Bag Providers that sent me Charity Collection Bags, failed general transparency, reporting, executive compensation and use of funds standards for charity, including The Better Business Bureau's “Standard for Charity Accountability” Charity fraud is often described to be at an all time high. Utilizing the oldest known malevolent strategy, charity fraud is artfully increasing by a deception that imitates what is good. This is why giving, in the present day, requires an intense, sober discernment.

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