More Late April Snows On The Upper Mississippi

These pictures were taken April 21st 2011
at 7AM.

It hailed overnight. Each small hail stone nucleated, acting as a seed crystal, drawing moisture from the fog to grow larger.

My camera is unsophisticated & over-the-counter, but since my cameras & I have gone “Into The Drink” before……..

This is our deck, but we get lots of ducks in our yard, so this is somehow relevant, I think.

Yes, More Snow.


bross said...

Last night I left four of my most healthyest tomatoe plants outside covered with plastic and a smalllap blanket my Mom left me. I thought they would be safe. But no I was sadden to see what our cold UP Michigan May nights can do to early crops. Oh well if the end of the world is not happening tomorrow I will go out and purchase some more early girl tomatoes.

bross said...

It is still to cold to put those new plants outside. I may have an indoor outside garden this year. So Reverend what is the good word of the Day?