Kick’s Choke Tubes for Waterfowl Season | Range and Tower Skeet Testing

Part II
I recently sought the opportunity to test Kick’s “High Flyer” Choke Tubes for waterfowl.

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Indoor Range
I first tested High Flyer chokes for accuracy at an indoor range.

Indoor ranges prohibit steel shot ammunition because of its hardness and the possibility of it ricocheting, so I had to use lead shot for this. Furthermore, indoor ranges usually do not allow you to bring your own targets, so I had to purchase the largest, 20 inch, “bull’s-eye” or “rapid fire” targets from the range.  The High Flyer chokes were extremely accurate, delivering a centered pattern or “Bull’s Eye” at multiple ranges/distances. All shot patterns had an evenly spaced distribution across the targets. 20 inch diameter measurements are often used to calculate the “core” performance within larger targets, so this indoor test still produced some valid results despite the indoor range constraints.     

Indoor Range Results
(pellet count percentage):
Kick’s High Flyer Extra Full Choke: 20”dia.@25yrd. //100.%
Kick’s High Flyer Modified Choke:  20”dia.@25yrd. //98.22%
Kick’s High Flyer Extra Full Choke: 20”dia.@40yrd. //86.22%
Kick’s High Flyer Modified Choke:  20”dia.@40yrd. //64.4%

Duck Tower Skeet
High Flyer chokes performed well during
Duck Tower Skeet testing.

Clay targets were thrown fast, from a height of 75 feet. The course was 5 different hunting blinds that are positioned to provide outgoing, crossing and approaching targets/birds. Busting these targets really boosted my confidence for the upcoming waterfowl season, because, in the past I had resorted to only attempting shots on ducks that fly low and close. All the swings, aiming advance, and shots felt very natural and comfortable with the High Flyer chokes.

Outdoor Range
This is where I tested High Flyer chokes for shot pattern using full powered waterfowl ammunition. Because hunting ammunition is banned or prohibited at non-rifle gun clubs, I had to test High Flyer chokes at an outdoor rifle range.

Although shotgun pattern testing is customarily performed at a 40 yard distance, I had to do this at 50 yards because I could not find a 40 yard range that allowed hunting ammunition.

In order to provide the most general and valid sample for High Flyer choke patterns, I chose only two types of entry level and moderately priced ammunition for testing, a high velocity steel shot & a high density shot (non-toxic).  

Steel Shot Results (pellet count percentage):            
Kick’s High Flyer/Extra Full Choke: 30”dia.@50yrd.//80.41%
Kick’s High Flyer/Modified Choke:  30”dia.@50yrd.//72.08%

High Density Shot Results (pellet count percentage):        
Kick’s High Flyer/Extra Full Choke: 30”dia.@50yrd.//62.85%  
Kick’s High Flyer/Modified Choke:  30”dia.@50yrd.//58.57%  

Special Notes:
-The High Flyer/Extra Full choke produced a very good “core” pattern at the center of the targets.
-Although my testing occurred beyond the threshold of normal range, the patterns appeared very good.
-There was a higher percentage of lost pellets with the High Density & Lead loads compared to Steel.
-Pellet count percentages were calculated from single targets and no averages were used.
-Indoor testing consisted of 4 shots/targets only, outdoor testing consisted of 4 shots/targets and tower skeet consisted of a 25 shot round (The grand total of all the cartridges/shells fired at paper targets for this project is 8).

Because Kick’s High Flyer Chokes performed exceptionally well during ranging and skeet testing, I am confident the High Flyer chokes will make the upcoming waterfowl season more exciting, enjoyable and successful.

Kick's Industries Inc. 800-587-2779

I requested the opportunity to independently test, review & give opinion for the Kicks “High Flyer” Choke Tubes. I utilized donated products for this purpose. Currently, I am not otherwise affiliated or associated with Kick’s Industries and have not received pecuniary compensation or incentive from Kick’s.


Eric Olson said...

It was nice to meet you at the range last weekend. Keep up the good work!

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

Eric, Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment & thank you for making the range safe, disciplined and enjoyable.

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Tried to look for a place to follow your blog, I do enjoy your efforts but would like to be able to read up from my blogger page.

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