Scenes from Game Fair 2011 / Still time to attend 2nd week

Game Fair is a large sporting convention that is held outdoors and outclasses other types of shows.   
Game Fair is held two consecutive weekends which includes Fridays. Remaining Game Fair 2011 dates are:
AUGUST 19th, 20th & 21st

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Tom Knapp will be at Game Fair this year, providing shooting demonstrations and seminars.
Fridays/Saturdays: 11:30AM/5:00PM
Sundays: 11:30AM/4:00PM

Minnesota Firearms Instructors Association’s air-gun range

“Youth Shoot” with Minnesota Bow Hunters (MBI) & Rapids Archery’s Club

Lots of dog courses & competitions

Federal had the strongest presence for ammunition
One of many filtered hydration stations & beautiful flower bowls

Blaze Orange toilet paper from the Rutt Wipe Co.

Whitetail Country Scents’ baby deer or fawns

Minnesota Falconers Association

Lots of Pins & Give-Aways

Plenty of opportunities to relax in a lush, outdoor setting

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Great overview of the Game Fair.