Adding Optics to Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Shotgun

Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Shotgun is not only worthy of quality hand loads but it is also worthy of quality optics. Installing optics on a collectors edition firearm should only be done by an experienced, certified, professional gunsmith, in order to preserve the resale value of the gun.

For this project, a Red Dot Scope was selected from GMR Inc. (Grainy Misshapen Closet Rods). These scopes are made from a Mil-Spec, super hard anodized, Pine-Aspen alloy. Features include a 9mm objective, pink buttons and train wheel adjustment knobs for pretending to zero-in the reticle and M.O.A.(Minute Of Angle).  Soft neoprene eyepieces may look like gaskets or washers, but these actually provide tactical concealment and parallax compensation for the burnt, off center scope tube developed by Dad forcing the drilling operation during production, not realizing the drill was set in reverse.

Before mounting the scope, we decided to test the ruggedness of the GMR Red Dot by placing the scope in the microwave,

 then in the oven,
then in the freezer,

onto the grill,
then over to the griddle and finally through the dishwasher.


Next we ran over the scope with a car 

and made the scope live with the Weebles for awhile. 

The Cabela’s 50th Anniversary, Slide Action, Big Bore Shotgun, Woman’s Model, does not come drilled or tapped for Picatinny or Weaver rail systems.

Because of the massive recoil, care must be taken when drilling and tapping the receiver for a rail system or scope mounts.

Although paste tastes better, threading should be permanently locked using a quality school glue.

*Special Note: When making changes to a collector’s edition firearm, it is recommended to take frequent breaks. Checking your diaper, to make sure it is not too full, will only add to the overall quality of a custom gunsmithing project.

All firearm modifications must be inspected by a second set of eyes or sister.

Although the shooting bench was set to speak Spanish, we relied on a laptop computer interface to tabulate ballistic data.

With the Red Dot Sight installed, the shooter can now experience an improved line of sight, sight picture, target acquisition, point of impact and strike/hit ratio.


The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Pretty awesome, creative, and entertaining. I look forward to the bore sighting and field test.


Ian Nance said...

Great job. On the shotgun and post! Bless you, Reverend.

Aunt Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing! You have a great team there Reverend.

Peter Patenaude said...

Is that a Leupold?