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The Duck Commander Family
How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty

By Willie Robertson, Korie Robertson with Mark Schlabach

Howard Books TN | Simon and Schuster NYC
272 pages | Hardcover | Paper Back | Audio | eBook
Price Survey $10.19 - $23.99
ISBN 147670354X / 9781476703541 / 9781476703626 / 9781476703664

Book Review

Duck Commander Family’s debut is perfectly timed to answer the long absent expression of robust, American households. 

Duck Commander Family is an exceedingly multi-purposed book that studies all stages of life issues, poverty, mental illness, personal management, personal holiness, relationships, parenting, honor, values, ethics and entrepreneurship.

Duck Commander Family is a wise entertainment choice, a book worth having. There is nothing in Duck Commander Family to ruin its value as a classic or keepsake (unlike the massive amounts of books discarded because of defunct subjects or false calculations for matters like The Cold War). Duck Commander Family is easy to read and features larger size printing, wide spacing and thick pages. 

“Duck Commander Family really delivers the goods; sincerity, adventure, humor and decent romance.” -TRF     

For hardcore duck hunters, collectors and Duck Commander followers, Duck Commander Family’s seventeen, well ordered chapters provide the first, real attempt of continuity for the Duck Commander story.  Duck Commander Family provides real numbers for the Duck Commander business (start-up, investments, losses, volume, and revenue). The history and development of the Duck Commander game call is explained beginning with 19th century calls the Robertson’s owned and used before creating their own calls. The actual design, technique and tools used to create the first Duck Commander call is explained as well.   

For those interested in the Duckmen/Duck Commander hunting videos, Duck Commander Television shows or the Duck Dynasty series, this book explains how each of these came about, the people or parties involved, the evolution of production methods, the intricacies of hunting show business/finance and audience relations.   

The middle portion of Duck Commander Family is loaded with restored family photos. This photo section is color, glossy and very high quality. Each photo is a precious example of American culture and folkways.

“Phil would buy a fifty-five gallon drum of rotten cheese…
We had to reach our hands down into the drum to scoop the cheese and then shove it into an old sock,
gagging the entire time.
…and then Phil would go out and set out the traps.”
–Page 74 Duck Commander Family

For those who may have suspicions about the Robertson family, Duck Commander or Duck Dynasty’s purpose, for those who may think the Robertsons have become self-important, this book, Duck Commander Family, is remarkably unpretentious and based on the Robertson’s many failures and troubles. The book quickly brings everyone back down to earth and reinforces the importance of remaining grounded in a household of faith. Duck Commander Family provides evidence of the significance of applying one’s life to God’s word.  

 “I’ve told you these stories not to say  Look what I’ve done, but to say  Look what God’s done.  I give him all the glory.”
–Page 243 Duck Commander Family

If you have ever studied the Apostle Paul of the Bible, you have probably noticed he was regularly retelling the story of his conversion: his former life, the circumstances surrounding his conversion and how his life changed. Duck Commander Family is a bold example of personal testimony for the purpose of building trust and giving hope.

Duck Commander Family is broken down for the reader into what could be considered daily chapters, each featuring excerpts from Holy Scripture, a good number of these being from the Apostle Paul’s letters or the Pauline Epistles.

Other passages are taken from the Torah, Jewish History, later prophets, the Old Covenant, The life and sayings of King Solomon and the New Covenant:

  • Genesis 1:28/2:24
  • Deuteronomy 6:6-9
  • Joshua 24:15
  • Jeremiah 29:11
  • Proverbs 17:17/24:3-4/31:10-11, 28
  • Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
  • Acts 11:6-7
  • James 1:2-4
  • 1st Corinthians 13:4-5
  • Romans 8:31
  • Colossians 3:12-13/3:23-24
  • Ephesians 1:3-5/6:1-3
  • Philippians 4:11-13

These recipes are found in the new book Duck Commander Family. These are legitimate recipes that give quantities, procedures, equipment and mode of service:

Vegetables, Pasta, Dairy
Beans and Rice (Willie’s)
Hot-Water Cornbread
Homemade Mac and Cheese
Armadillo Eggs (stuffed Peppers)

Fried Bologna Sandwiches
Duck Sausage Pizza

Fried Catfish
Crawfish Balls
Crawfish Omelets
Garlic Frog Legs

Chicken Strips
Duck Gumbo
Duck Wraps
Duck and Dressing

Fried Squirrel
Boiled Squirrel
Fried Back Straps
Meat Loaf (Willie’s)
Burgers (Willie’s)


Savage said...

They have a good show; however i would love to see these guys out on a Golden Eye or Scoter hunt.

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

Dear Savages,
I have seen previews or read descriptions for some of the Duck Commander hunting videos where they traveled to and hunted some natural, deep water areas.

Anonymous said...

WOW Just said to my son that I admire these folks......they are not un-educated rednecks. And they are so d.... smart to have the TV world watching! Read about this "folks" and there is at least one master's degree (Phil). Gosh love them for having the IQ to make money on "rednecks" - - is this a great country!

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed that this show does not have to "beep" out any obscenities! It is a family show with high values and demonstrates that there are still families out there who love one another and can maintain high standards in their relationships.And it also is a hit with the public!There shuld be more shows like this one. I will continue to encourage friends and family to watch "Duck Dynasty"!

Anonymous said...

My family and love watching this show, especially since we live in West Monroe, LA. We laugh a lot during each and every episode. Like the person above said, it's wonderful to have a family show without curse words or nudity.

Anonymous said...

....Yep! Praise the Lord fer folks like the Robertsons! They are true God-fearing red-necks! They openly pray at the end of each episode. Most people are afraid of sharing the Gospel because its no longer "politically correct". Keep up the good work ol' boys!

Anonymous said...

Jesus was not politically correct. Praise God He decided to die for me anyway. Jesus, as Phil would say.... "makes me happy happy happy!"

Anonymous said...

I loved this book and would recomend it to anyone! It is a great success story and these people are firm in their beleifs. I praise God that these people can share his word through the TV show and this book. There is hope for America yet.

Anonymous said...

Solid review Rev! I think I'll check it out. JGR

Jordan Leger said...

Not only are they hope for America, they are an inspiration to all good christian country folks everywhere. I live up in Canada and as much as we have more wilderness per person to hunt than anywhere, we still have our young people flocking away from God and out of the country into the city for empty materialistic lives. These guys show the world being christian isn't boring, it's about living the glory of things God provided for us, loving God, family and the good ol outdoors. God wants us to be happy happy happy, and these guys know it.

Robert Baxter said...

i understand there members of the church of christ i think thats greatkeep doin a good job brothers and sisters happy happy your brother in christ bob