Hunting Season | Liquid Wrench’s TinkerNation Interviews The Reverend Fowl

“TinkerNation is not just one person; it’s a collective spirit and a cultural revival celebrating the heritage of America’s minds and hands.” -TinkerNation website

TinkerNation recently published an interview with The Reverend Fowl. You can read this interview, participate, enter contests and check tour dates by following this link to the TinkerNation Community:

 The Story behind the interview
“I only recently started using Liquid Wrench® after seeing Shooting Instructor Bill Rogers whip out a big, honking can of Liquid Wrench during a gun cleaning tutorial. The sensibility and thrift of this hefty can as part of one’s gun cleaning supplies convinced me to purchase some Liquid Wrench products the following day. I have since had great results with Liquid Wrench penetrate as a gun cleaning solvent or rinse. Liquid Wrench oil, dry lube and grease are all excellent severe weather lubricants. Finally, I have had great results using Liquid Wrench Silicone Spray all over blue/black steel as weatherproofing for hunting in severe weather. I started regularly visiting and participating in the TinkerNation Community and website after becoming interested in Liquid Wrench for practical gun care.” -TRF


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