Bufflehead Sushi | Minnesota Rolls | Rough Plate™ Cooking Series

Wild Rice and Buffleheads make this Sushi Roll very high in proteins, fiber and Lysine.

Buffleheads are the smallest of the Goldeneyes Genus of Diving Ducks.

The Minnesota Roll is both a Cooked Item type of Sushi and a Creative type of Sushi made from native, local ingredients.

Rolled Sushi is also called Maki-Mono, smaller diameter rolls are Hoso-Maki and inside out rolls are called Ura-Maki. All are Sushi or Zushi.


  • Bufflehead Meat, skinned, defatted, marinated and braised
  • Fully Cooked Wild Rice
  • Fully Cooked American Rice
  • Avocado, Vegetables
  • Mayonnaise
  • Wasabi
  • Chinese Mustard
  • Cheyenne Pepper
  • Soy Sauce

Special Equipment
Bamboo Sushi Mat

Secret Avocado Knowledge
Avocados oxidize, discolor and turn brown very quickly. You can permanently improve and set the avocado’s color with high heat. Oil still firm avocados and sauté or flash these in the hottest oven. The avocados will remain a brilliant green for 7 days in the refrigerator.

Secret Sauce
Nowadays, the best Sushi has a secret sauce on the inside. This sauce is usually in the form of a mayonnaise
based dressing.

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