Game Changers | Clever Hunting Gear List

1. Super Magnet
About the size of a quarter, this Super Magnet recovers or holds objects that weigh 45 pounds. When held up to ammunition, a Super Magnet will prove you are shooting Steel and not Lead.

2. Rx Safety Glasses
Prescription safety glasses have tested polycarbonate lenses. Frames can be found at Walmart for $29. Add high contrast lenses and a lanyard for superior hunting vision.

3. Pouch Foods
Food Pouches can be consumed in seconds, even while the birds are flying.

4. Eye Black Stickers
If you have somewhere to go after the hunt and can’t allow face paint, or, if a mask fogs your glasses, try these football eye stickers on your cheeks, nose or chin for concealment.

5. Monocular
Easily manageable, Monoculars are often described as less than half the body of Binoculars.

6. Silicone Spray
Silicone Spray all over Blue or Black guns will provide protection for hunting in severe weather.

7. Shell Carrier
Shell carriers are more convenient, more secure and allow a hunter to organize different shell types.

8. Shears and Saws
If another hunting party beats you to your favorite hunting position, you may end up hunting a very wild, unimproved area. Shears and saws discretely open up new shooting lanes.

9. Clash Hooks
Slings with Clash Hooks provide a robust sling mount; one that is truly “Quick Detachable” 

10. Ice Pick
Hunters and Trappers in Northern States fight icing as soon as the 2nd week of the season. Chisels, Spuds, Picks and Shovels need to be brought along, just in case.

11. Replacement Call Parts
Try to get replacement parts for you favorite Game Call. Calls get tired and sound amazing with replacement parts. The author contacted Buck Gardner for Fowl Mouth II parts after many years of heavy use and stress from icing.

12. After Market Chokes
Choke selection is the most important means a hunter has over how commercial ammunition performs. Kick’s High Flyer Choke (shown) provides momentary, retrograde traction for the stressed boundaries of shotcup-wads.

13. Duck Grabber
More astute than a Grappling Hook, Avery’s Telescoping Decoy/Duck Retriever extends to almost 20 feet and is a definite Game Changer for Waterfowl Hunters.


Eastern Shore Outdoors said...

Great Post on those additional items that required "blind time" to determine their necessity...PRP

Savage said...

I have the duck grabber, and it works great. I got tired of putting my hand in cold water to pick up a long tail or Scaup. Ice picks are a great idea too.

Jackie Oliver said...

I really like those glasses! I've been looking for some new ones, but I haven't found ones I really love. I like that you can put the yellow lenses up, rather than taking the glasses themselves off. Plus, it's really nice that it has the strap on there, I need that! I'm really considering getting something like that.