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Go To Glasses: Optic Edge

Do you enjoy simplifying your equipment? Consider this: These sunglasses are also fishing glasses, hunting glasses, shooting glasses and safety glasses.

These glasses come from the same firm that supplies NRA® shooting glasses and cost only $16.

The glasses have a 5 position adjustable fit; soft rubber nose rests and holes for adding the lanyard material of your choice. The glasses are labeled for sale: Optically Correct, UV400, Polycarbonate Lens and Z87.1 Compliance with Safety Standard. 

I purchased these from Mill’s Fleet Farm store. These are my favorite glasses so far in life. After our toddler chewed the softer parts of these, Cliff Weil/Optic Edge agreed to help resurrect my glasses by supplying replacement parts twice (the first mailing was actually lost by the post office). Now I am again ready to drive, fish, hunt, shoot and finish cutting up our dreaded black walnut tree.

Have you tried FIELDLINE® products lately? I purchased the FIELDLINE® Trap Vest/Shooting Vest on clearance at Gander Mountain. I am very pleased with this deluxe, adjustable, padded and ventilated vest.
I also have one of the newer FIELDLINE® backpacks that feature new, precision, reliable zippers. (I purchased this at Mill’s Fleet Farm). FIELDLINE® is a brand that has recently exploded with availability/presence, quality, customer service, affordability and a guarantee of lifetime warranty for all their products.


David Press said...

Saw the same glasses at Walmart for $5 under SafetyVU.

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

I would buy these again, but I also have vision loss and am now considering prescription sport glasses or goggles.

Emma Megan said...

Nice one! would love to buy soon. I've found some good idea from this site Reviews Seekers too!