Improved Sling Mounts

Here are some ideas for improved, utility style Sling Mounts that consist of ordinary parts sold at local hardware stores.

“So far, I have not made any effort to hunt well-to-do, walking leisurely in the company of showy, Break-Action Doubles.” -TRF

Common Sling Swivels, often labeled “Quick Detachable” are instead a small convoluted mechanism, too tedious and prim for contingencies or true adventure.

Conceivably, agile hunters want to sling a Long Gun across the human back, cinch it down tight and face up to rugged terrain.

Slings with Hooks:
For those hungry for adventure, slings with Clash Hooks provide a robust sling mount; one that is truly “Quick Detachable” if a hunter becomes hung up by his sling

Loop/Ring Mounts:
Slings with hooks require loop or ring style mounts.

Eye Straps:
An inexpensive and widely available method for creating utility style loop or ring mounts involves the use of webbing, rope or wire Eye Straps. Eye Straps are sold in the rigging section of most hardware stores.

Galvanized, Nickel or Stainless:
Choose galvanized or nickel plated hardware because stainless steel cannot be colored.
Use a Bastard File, sandpaper and steel wool to dress up hardware.

Black Oxide Finish:
Create an oiled, black oxide finish using a warm selenium dioxide solution or Gun Bluing.

This Slide Action Shotgun did not come with sling swivels.

Factory Swivel Stud Inserts:
Factory swivel stud inserts are 10-32 machine threads.

DIY Magazine Cap Sling Swivel:
Magazine Cap Sling Swivel parts are: 10-32 machine screw, 2 small, thin brass washers, 2 large fender washers, a cap/dome nut, the side plate from a #50 offset roller link and a quick link.

This is a Thumb Loop for shoulder carry.

Clash Hooks can be lubricated and covered to prevent noise.

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