AMAZING Makeover: Easy Decoy Painting

When decoys fade and chip or when birds migrate away, it is possible to re-purpose old decoys. 

The author purchased a few paints and accessories locally, in his own neighborhood and painted Wood Duck decoys to look like Hooded Merganser decoys. 

Canada Goose decoys were also painted to look like Tundra Swans.


Photo Album: Game Fair 2018 Reopens August 17th

America’s Game Fair 

Country lifestyle expositions are known as Country Shows or Game Fairs

Game Fair 2018
(Remaining Dates) 
August 17th-18th-19th 

Game Fair Site
Armstrong Ranch | Ramsey, Minnesota 

Ramsey is West of Anoka and is a suburb of The Twin Cities, Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

Special Notes: 
  • Game Fair has complete (people and animal) amenities such as seating, shaded areas, bathrooms, baby/infant care facilities, filtered water stations and food courts. 
  • Game Fair is a substantial event; make use of Game Fair information, maps, listings and schedules. 
  • Shades, Strollers and Wagons benefit Small Children. 
  • If you need some downtime; bring a blanket for a nap. 
  • Wear comfortable footwear. 
  • There are lots of raffles, games and vendors that use cash 
  • Personal rain protection will make walking/strolling easy during periods of rain (Game Fair is capable of operating during rain).

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