• The Reverend Fowl ™ is a logical outlet for Fowling, Field Sports and Gunning. 
  • The Reverend Fowl is published in an ethical manner, free of obscenities, immorality and vice. 
  • The Reverend Fowl respects FTC Endorsement Guidelines, U.S. Copyright Law, and Trademark. 
  • The title Reverend is Extra-Biblical, Non-Biblical and therefore a legitimate target for satire.

  • The Reverend Fowl is a pseudonym, a name chosen simply because a blog does not warrant disclosing given names or ethnicity for authorship.
  • Another reason for Pseudonymity is that nowadays, most employee handbooks forbid the mention of firearms. This overbearing directive unconsciously deters hobbies such as shooting sports.
  • The Reverend Fowl ™ is trademarked because copyright does not protect pseudonyms or other names.

  • The Reverend Fowl is inherently a Blog, published and serviced by Blogger. This Blog is the author’s personal space (diary/journal + internet = weblog or blog). 

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