19th Century, Waterfowl, Wing Shooting and Shot-Gunning books, Free Online

One of my favorite pastimes is reading 19th Century, Waterfowl, Wing Shooting and Shot-Gunning books, online.

These are digitalized, downloadable, free, and can be read online from Google books.

Most of these books are described as “profusely illustrated”.

From Google, I like to select the thumbnail view for these books and then view the numerous, full page, advertisements from the period, for shotguns, shot shells, clothing and other related items.

Trust me, if you enjoy bird hunting, you will love these books and related works.

Here are some of my favorite titles that you can click on as a link:

Shooting on upland, marsh, and stream: A series of articles written by prominent sportsmen, descriptive of hunting the upland birds of America ...

Wild fowl shooting: Containing scientific and practical descriptions of wild fowl: their resorts, habits, flights and the most successful method of hunting them

An illustrated treatise on the art of shooting, with extracts from the best authorities

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The Gang said...

Great post! I've stumbled across some of that stuff myself, a real treasure.