Secret Morel Spot

Yes, we have a secret Morel spot. This spot is located in our next-door neighbor’s front yard. When I came home tonight there was a pile of Morels on our porch. I remember our neighbor saying he gets Morels some years.

I brought these inside and as I was getting ready to snap some photos, the bell rang. It was our neighbor checking to see if we liked his gift of mushrooms.


The Morel is the one of the choicest Mushrooms, especially for the French. The Morel is the official State Mushroom for Minnesota. These flush in the spring and are very mysterious, being sometimes associated with fires, disturbed ground or certain trees.

I was taught that the Morel can be a “Bug House”, so I split these right away, wash and dry them.

If you don’t have a giant bone-in veal chop to put your sautéed Morels on, try this:

Sauté Morels in hot clarified butter. Add heavy cream, cooked fettuccine, shredded hard ripened cheese, nutmeg, pepper and some poppy seeds. I was originally shown this recipe with homemade, poppy seed fettuccine. If you decide to add a giant fist of lobster meat, add a splash of Amaretto too.



The 3 foragers said...

Beautiful, and here in the Northeast, we may feel some morel envy.

The Gang said...

Those look too good! You're making me hungry.


Outdoor Blogger Network said...

Hey there, I just came by to take a peek at your blog set up. I can't remember the exact set up as before, but on first click, the white backgrounds and such were very pleasing! It could be my screen or browser, so I'll check another, but it almost seems like the content font is smaller than a 14pt. For example your information at the bottom of the post where is shows tags, comment count etc is at a 14, but the words in your entry seem smallish. I can't believe you had to change it on every post! With wordpress you make one change it effects everything.
Great job on the appearance of your blog. It's very inviting.

Outdoor Blogger Network said...

Those Morels look amazing!! I need to get up the mountain and pick me a bag full ~