Hunter Recruitment: The Truth About Non-Lead(Pb) Ammunition

It has been over 25 years since the ban of Lead(Pb) Ammunition for hunting Waterfowl began in the United States. 

The only changes (Shooting) Clubs and Ranges have made for this is to prohibit the use of Waterfowl Ammunition at their facilities.

The reasoning behind denying Hunters access to Gun Clubs and Shooting Ranges is based upon the possibility of Non-Lead(Pb) Ammunition ricocheting because of its hardness. Hunters are expected to practice with small, soft, low velocity, Lead(Pb) Ammunition instead. 

Imagine the surprise when a hunter first pulls the trigger on opening day, when there is a 70% increase or change in velocity, recoil acceleration and aiming advance over practice ammunition. Or, imagine the absurd and unethical practice of only pulling the trigger on the first day of hunting, while being unsure of the results. 

It is dishonest to instigate Non-Lead(Pb) Ammunition without first designing and building public practice/testing facilities for Non-Lead(Pb) Ammunition. These practice facilities should occur in at least every County throughout the United States. The ubiquitous, pandering advice to "Pattern Your Gun" should be removed from Hunting Regulations until 3,142 public, Non-Lead(Pb) Ammunition practice/testing facilities have been constructed.

Furthermore, mandating Non-Lead(Pb) Ammunition without first providing public practice/testing facilities is practically an action to disarm the majority of the population, who live in Cities, Suburbs and other “No Firearms Discharge Areas”, whereas these people can no longer test or practice with their arms and ammunition.

80.7% of the U.S. population lives in Urban Areas (U.S. Census Bureau) and these “Urban Areas” are categorically, consequentially “No Firearms Discharge Areas” which “Prohibit the discharge of weapons within city limits, parks, on private property or other specific locations” (ATF). This means that 80.7% percent of the population may “Keep” their “Arms”, but must travel to a special facility to “Bear”, practice or test “Arms”. Because Non-Lead(Pb) Ammunition is banned at practice facilities (Gun Clubs, Shooting Ranges), 80.7% of the population is denied or infringed the second half of Amendment II of Constitution of United States of America, when Non-Lead(Pb) Ammunition is instigated. 

Because of Ammunition Rulings, many hunters have already been degraded to share a category with gangsters and criminals; the category of persons who cannot conceivably test their guns and ammunition before pulling the trigger on a living target. 

Lastly, when Non-Lead(Pb) Ammunition is irresponsibly mandated, these actions become an oppressive form of Gun Control, whereas 80.7% of the population can no longer take responsibility for their Arms, having been deprived of the ability to practice and acquire the experience necessary for understanding or using their Arms. 

Nontoxic Ammunition ∙ Certified Nonlead Ammunition ∙ Lead-Free Ammunition ∙ Lead Ammunition Ban ∙ Nontoxic Shot ∙ Waterfowl Ammunition ∙ Ammo ∙ Unfunded Mandate ∙ Gun Control     

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