Spectra Shot™ A Workhorse Waterfowl Load That Includes Color Finished Pellets

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

The new Spectra Shot brand is launching a streamlined waterfowl load.

"I learned of Spectra Shot while searching for a new waterfowl load. I needed ammunition I could feel comfortable shooting. My search for a better waterfowl load began after I was frightened and discouraged by ultra-high velocity ammunition. I had somehow forgotten that ammunition needn’t be complicated or excessive to be effective." –TRF

Timeless Feel
A noticeable phenomena among different brands of waterfowl loads, is that each load seems to have its own folk following. For this, here is some useful information to consider about Spectra Shot:

Although the Spectra Shot brand is new and based in Lafayette Louisiana, Spectra Shot’s research, development and manufacturing occurs at Polywad, Inc. Polywad is the same facility that has assisted Hevi-Shot®, Hastings®, Polyshock™, Precision Ammunition, Brenneke®, Federal Premium® and others.

The Spectra Shot brand began making inroads after a summer feature in WILDFOWL magazine, which included off-label testing of Spectra Shot as a heavy field load.

Velocity | Recoil
At 1400 fps, Spectra Shot™ Waterfowl is faster than the normal velocity averages of many similar loads by other manufactures. Spectra Shot™ Waterfowl is a good choice for those who have experienced uneasiness or erratic results with ultra-high velocity ammunition. Spectra Shot was very comfortable to shoot while testing with very low felt recoil. Spectra Shot Waterfowl was not hot, jerky or jumpy when fired, but instead, had a steady, solid feel to it.

Pellet Size
Initially, Spectra Shot Waterfowl ammunition will be mostly available in No.2 size shot. No.2 shot may be the most accessible, versatile and effective pellet for waterfowl hunting. Many hunters use both duck and goose decoys together and proceed to call both. In Minnesota, this practice would necessitate No.2 shot size because Minnesota’s Regulation Hand book lists No. 2 shot as the minimum size for all Geese. Maryland also does this. Missouri lists No.2 shot for ducks and geese. Finally, Montana lists No.2 shot for ranges beyond 30 yards. Shot larger than this, has more weight but also more drag and is increasingly blunt, limiting penetration.

Pellet Quality
Spectra Shot packaging states U.S. made, polished steel shot.
A close inspection of these pellets reveals an extremely smooth and uniform roundness. There were no outcroppings or raised defects. Only a few pellets were found to have a single, shallow, pin-point size indentation, but this had been improved by the finish and coating.

Pellet Colors
Colored pellets were developed for improved visibility, identification and removal when processing game. Different colors were developed for claiming game when hunting in a party or group. Even more colors were developed for training, practice, nighttime, special events and custom orders. Spectra Shot’s color finish is hard, permanently fixed and nontoxic.

Value | Performance
Spectra Shot’s mission states a commitment to top quality components. Spectra Shot has made several changes recently to improve affordability, including a change from clear overshot cards and roll-crimping, to the popular factory fold crimping. Individual shells loaded, chambered, fired, cycled and ejected smoothly. Recovered shot-cup wads from range testing, had survived the different steel shot choke types, including extended, extra-full and heavily ported chokes. Spectra Shot Waterfowl offers the same water resistance and weatherproofing as the majority of waterfowl load manufactures.

Accuracy | Pattern
Carefully opened shells contained 156 pellets each of No.2 shot.

Because hunting ammunition is banned or prohibited at non-rifle gun clubs, Spectra Shot™ Waterfowl was tested at an outdoor rifle range.

Although pattern testing is customarily performed at a 40 yard distance, this testing was performed at 50 yards because a 40 yard range that allows hunting ammunition could not be found.

While testing occurred at the outer limits of effective range, the pattern and accuracy results were excellent. Windage and drop calculations were used when testing Spectra Shot, to reveal precise and sturdy shot patterns. This is the type of shot performance experienced hunters strive to pull together. 

Spectra Shot Waterfowl is brand new and only beginning to set up retail outlets.

Spectra Shot™ Website: 

I requested the opportunity to independently test, review & give opinion for Spectra Shot™ Steel Waterfowl Load. I utilized donated products for this purpose. Currently, I am not otherwise affiliated or associated with Spectra Shot LLC and have not received pecuniary compensation or incentive from Spectra Shot LLC.


tugboatdude said...

well here comes the almighty question,how much?I must have missed the article in Waterfowl Magazine.I purchased a few boxes of the Winchester blind side,still waiting to try them out.Can this ammo be purchased online?Great write up,I'm looking forward to part 2

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

Spectra Shot Waterfowl was quoted at $22.99 back in July. I just emailed a request for pricing and am waiting to hear back.

Savage said...

I may have to give this stuff a shot. I like the black cloud's performance out of my Mossberg 835, but i am always trying something new.

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

Dear Savages,
Thank you for taking the time to comment. Spectra Shot shoots easy, with mild recoil, allowing control and follow through.