Decoy Weights from Blackwing Advancements

New “Duck Egg” Decoy Weights and Anchors may be the most versatile system for managing individually rigged decoys.

"Although I enjoy waterfowl hunting, I consider the setting and retrieval of decoys an unpleasant chore, especially in deep water. Waterfowl decoys are usually set predawn in placid water and retrieved later in the day when it is often windy, making the water choppy. Sometimes I just want to go home, especially after an unsuccessful hunt. Blackwing Advancements offers the most logical solution I have seen for managing individually rigged decoys." -TRF
Bill of Fair
After surveying the retail offering of individually rigged decoy systems; it becomes obvious there are not that many choices. The “Texas Rig” is a specialized innovation only applicable to very shallow water and is useless to hunters in deeper, natural water areas. Another noticeable development for decoy rigging, is adding a stretchable component to decoy line terminals for keeping the line taut and weights secured during transportation and storage.

The Egg
The Duck Egg decoy weight/anchor from Blackwing Advancements works with all types of individually rigged decoy systems including sliding weight rigs like The Texas Rig. The Duck Egg includes a heavy-duty shock cord or bungee that stretches over any part of a decoy.  

The Duck Egg comes in both 4 and 8 ounce sizes. The Duck Egg has a thoughtful shape that is both angled to prevent drag and rounded to protect decoy bodies and paint. The Duck Egg features a balanced center of gravity/mass which means there is none of the torque that causes other types of weights to break or be lost.

Decoys rigged with the Duck Egg are fast to set and retrieve. This is especially important under harsh conditions.

Duck Egg Decoy Weights from Blackwing Advancements start at $29.99 per dozen ($2.50 each) with immediate volume discounts beginning with the second dozen. Special pricing is also available.

Made In The USA

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I responded to an open invitation to independently test, review and give opinion for Duck Egg Decoy Weights. I utilized advertised samples for this purpose. Currently, I am not otherwise affiliated or associated with Blackwing Advancements LLC and have not received pecuniary compensation or incentive from Blackwing Advancements LLC.


Savage said...

My local bays are littered with bottom debris like clam shells, old car batteries, crushed lobster traps, and so on. I think the bungee on these weights will add greatly to the holding power. I will give them a shot.

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

Dear Savages,
Thank you for taking the time to comment.
These weights seem well made, thoughtful, precision and worth mentioning.
I like them.

tugboatdude said...

It never is fun picking up the decoys after a hunt.This looks like a good option to make it a much easier chore