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Magnum’s New Spider Boots

Awhile back, The Outdoor Blogger Network celebrated the New Year along with adding a 1000th writer to The Outdoor Blogger Directory. An annual kickoff Gear Review Opportunity from The Outdoor Blogger Network included these boots.


The Spider family
As the Magnum® brand adds to what is known as The Spider Family, line or collection of boots, “The Species Evolves”. There are approximately 20 or more models, versions or styles of Spider shoes and boots. The new SPIDER 8.1 HPI was launched at this year’s NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Tactical Elite Assault Boots:
Born 30 years ago, from Britain’s top selling athletic shoe firm, to supply U.S. Federal agents, California’s Magnum® reported that these new boots were originally designed for Special Forces operating in Afghanistan. Six years prior to this, the Magnum Stealth was the top selling uniform boot in the world.

In the past few years, field reports regarding the limitations of military issued boots resulted in policies allowing some troops to switch to civilian market boots, especially mountaineering boots.

Nowadays, newer boot styles are much more multipurpose. Magnum® designs new, technical, assault boots that deliver extraordinary off label use from crossover or spin-off technology, turning out benefits and applications for a variety of outdoor interests.

Spider Boots can take a person’s feet through most seasons, from urban areas, through rural areas and into “The Back 40” while enhancing athletic agility for the wearer.
Magnum style #5380
Weight and Fit:
Spider 8.1 HPi boots are exceptionally light weight at an approximate average of 21 ounces each. These boots are available in medium and “Wide Fit” sizes 7 through 15. Spider Boots are very flexible and come with a comfort guarantee.
Certified for safety and occupational footwear, these boots are labeled oil and slip resistant. The soles are deeply lugged with reinforced stabilizers. 

The MultiCam® camouflage pattern is molded completely through the sole and remains effective even through wear and damage. The Shank is formed from Thermoplastic Polyurethane to pass Metal detectors.
Double layered leather toe guards on top resists snags and abrasions. Flexible toe fins grip inclined surfaces (walls, rock faces).

Each toe has 4 sand/debris-proof vents that cycles fresh air through the boot.

Notches under the toes are supposedly for stepping on fencing and may also be suitable for aggressive style biking.

Fast Rope System:
Magnum® probably has the most sophisticated Fast Rope capability included in their boots (for sliding down and climbing ropes). *Surveying different brands of Fast Rope boots, online, will quickly divulge this. Conceivably, Fast Rope boot features could also be useful for clambering trees, ladders, rocks or rigging. 

Uppers measured 8 inches tall (9-1/2 inches total boot height). An external support frame wraps around the malleolus (ankle bones/balls) and lower calf. Upper materials are leather, 1650 denier ballistic nylon, authentic Crye Precision sourced MultiCam® pattern/fabric and ceramic SuperFabric®.

Insole and Lining:
A dimpled, quilted “Spider Mesh” interior and a thick memory foam insole feels both secure and airy.

Round, cord style laces slide easily through precise guides (“composite hardware”). Some of the guides or eyelets have a built in locking mechanism and there is a lace storage system at the top of the boot. Lacing can be quickly removed if needed.

Big loops for pulling boots on.

Seriously reinforced and meticulously sewn. These boots resist liquids, biological and chemical agents because of ion-mask™, a nanoscopic molecular treatment that is applied in a plasma chamber and unaffected by high use and wear.

Unhelpful Aspects:
Neither a Vegan boot nor Vegan footwear. Not recommended for extreme cold. May be too blunt for some sport climbing toe holds.

Happiness and Value:
These are boots that can be worn almost year-round and have a big show off or wow factor. Enjoy wearing these boots for errands, banquets, church, work or sports. Try out different lace styles and colors. Add thermal or cooling insoles to customize the warmth of these boots.
Retail Price Survey:
$180-$240 (MultiCam Camouflage)
$119-$185. (Tan, Desert, Black / Work, Tactical, Wet)

 Additional Notes:  Spider Boots feature TecTuff Leathers, agion® odor control, Ortholite® insoles and Starensier’s Breath Right® comfort and breathability technology.

“I am very blessed to have these boots in time for turkey season. I wish I would have had these boots last fall when I was walking 15 miles a day in search of upland birds. These are boots that you don’t even think about while wearing. These will definitely make a difference next deer season. In the past I had single criteria for footwear: wide width; and these boots are available in wide fit. I love all things MultiCam, so these boots match my other MultiCam gear which blends in anywhere. ” -TRF

I registered for the opportunity to independently test, review and give opinion for Magnum® Spider Boots. I utilized donated products for this purpose; upon being selected by random drawing. Currently, I am not otherwise affiliated or associated with Magnum® and have not received pecuniary compensation or incentive from Magnum®.

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