Full Metal Jacket ∙ New Turkey Shotshell ∙ White Lightning from Spectra Shot™

The Spectra Shot brand is hardly boutique, but is instead, the ammunition equivalent of Main Street USA.

In the aftermath and uneasiness created by the last rush of erratic, ultra-high velocity ammunition by other brands, Spectra Shot specializes in craftsman ammunition that is dependable and delightful to shoot.

Spectra Shot employs some of the same support that major ammunition brands use. Spectra Shot has been featured in Wildfowl Magazine and seen on The Sportsman Channel.  

“Nickel-plated shot strikes like lightning” 
 –Spectra Shot™

The White Lightning Name | Pellets
Probably the most under-reported aspect of turkey hunting is the unintentional killing, wounding or crippling of extra turkeys when pellets stray off course. Lost pellets (flyers) are typically deformed upon firing, corroded or badly made.

A close inspection of White Lightning’s extra-large pellets reveals a uniform roundness. There were no outcroppings or defects found.  

White Lightning’s pellets have a lead core and a thick, glossy jacket (Ni/nickel) that is much harder than copper and holds superior corrosion protection.

It is recognized that nickel-plated, hardened lead alloy (magnum shot) generates improved ballistics and resistance to deformation.

Lubricity | Friction Values | Penetration
Comparable to chrome friction values, nickel shot possesses extraordinary lubricity and penetration.

The author’s father-in-law revealed that when turkey hunting briefly resumed in America’s Upper Midwest, in the late 1960’s and again in the late 1970’s, it was considered important to call a turkey to ruffle it’s feathers just before the shot, to allow penetration, otherwise, the shot pellets cold be seen bouncing off the back of the turkey. Turkey hunting sometimes wanes for as long as 20-30 years when turkey populations dwindle or disappear. Hunting then resumes after the successful restocking of turkeys. A November 1970 Field -and- Stream article refers to turkey hunting as an “ancient art” following a 24 year hunting moratorium. Nowadays and based on principal, the shot placement guidelines for killing a turkey is an intricate head-shot which includes the neck.

Performance | Recoil
Spectra Shot™ is a good choice for those who have experienced uneasiness or erratic results with ultra-high velocity ammunition. While high-powered and effective, Spectra Shot ammunition has the benefit of soft/slowed recoil and was very comfortable to shoot while testing. Spectra Shot is never hot, snappy, jerky or jumpy but instead produces a stately, dignified, blast.  

Spectra Shot’s mission states a commitment to top quality components. Individual shells loaded, chambered, fired, cycled and ejected smoothly.

Ranging | Accuracy | Pattern
Each carefully opened shell contained an average of 354 pellets of extra-large No.6 shot.

The White Lightning loads were extremely accurate, delivering a dense core pattern or “Bull’s Eye” at multiple ranges/distances.

Sample Pellet Count Percentages:
20”dia.@50yrd.//089.54% | 15”dia.@50yrd.//081.07%
20”dia.@50yrd.//083.61% | 15”dia.@50yrd.//060.45%
20”dia.@40yrd.//092.65% | 15”dia.@40yrd.//083.61%
20”dia.@25yrd.//100.00% | 15”dia.@25yrd.//094.63%
20”dia.@10yrd.//  N/A  %  | 15”dia.@10yrd.//100.00%

White Lightning turkey loads come 10 shells per box, enough for testing, practice and hunting.


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I requested the opportunity to independently test, review and give opinion for Spectra Shot™ White Lightning High-Velocity Turkey Load. I utilized donated samples for this purpose. Currently, I am not otherwise affiliated or associated with Spectra Shot LLC and have not received pecuniary compensation or incentive from Spectra Shot LLC.

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