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The internet is overloaded with gossip about Coots... 

...and almost devoid of functioning Coot recipes.

Plentiful and occasionally crossing oceans, Coots are a medium size water bird with smoky-black feathers. Members of the Rail Family and similar to Moorhens, encyclopedia entries describe the Coot as “Crane-Like”. Coot nicknames include Mud Hen and Mud Duck. 

Coot feet are lobed claws that allow walking, running, climbing, grasping and swimming. 

Two Coots and A Wood Duck

~ Coot ~

~ Style ~

Coot meat must be thoroughly defatted and washed even before short term storage. 

Coot Meat is firm, dense and slightly fragrant after cooking. 

Do not try to overpower Coot dishes with strong drink because this has an adverse effect. Select a very cold, light flavored drink for Coot.

Coot meat is a gourmet experience, best enjoyed as delicate tidbits.

Coot meat tastes complex, similar to a full bite of Tournedos Rossini (Fillet Mignon, Foie Gras and Black Truffles) only denser in texture.

Sampling Coot requires no more daring than the testing of other game meats. Coot is less intense than some cheeses or liver. 

Smoky Coot Hash

  • Coot Breast Cutlets 
  • Brown Sugar
  • Liquid Salt and Umami (Worcester and Soy Sauces) 
  • Black Pepper
  • Oil
  • Wood Chips
  • Cold Baked Potato, Diced
  • Fried Egg
  • Butter
  • Sea Salt
  • Herbes De Provence
  • Covered outdoor grill
  • Frying Pan 

Rub a generous amount of brown sugar on all sides of skinned, defatted and washed Coot pieces or cutlets. 

Once the sugar has melted or dissolved, drizzle, pour or shake Worcester and Soy Sauces on all sides of the Coot pieces. Refrigerate below all other foods for an hour. Transfer Coot pieces to a new container, discarding any liquid, season with pepper and refrigerate below all other foods for 12 to 24 hours.

Oil and smoke Coot pieces away from direct or radiant heat to an internal temperature of 165-185 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Dice cooled Coot pieces. 

Saute Coot in butter (add a liquid if you want to braise and tenderize the meat). 

Brown the potatoes in butter.

Add Coot meat.

Finish with sea salt, a fried egg and Herbes De Provence. 

For this and other very small smoking projects, the author suggests using a very small fire in only one side of a covered outdoor grill. 

Hash has been served in the evening, for many years in witty, High Cuisine settings. 

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