Meet The Gould Brothers | Exhibition Shooting Team | GAME FAIR 2013 | Six Days | August 9th

Marksman Alley
America’s Upper Midwest is where the Union Army formed its legendary Sharpshooter Regiments, including the all-Indian marksmen Company K. Nowadays, the Upper Midwest is the top producer of contemporary Exhibition Shooters:

The Shooting Star
Eulogized by The New York Times, Minnesota’s Tom Knapp was a national treasure, a master trick shooter, a World Record Exhibition Sharpshooter and a master showman. He passed away in April of 2013. Tom Knapp website

Extreme Sport Shooter
Wisconsin’s Patrick Flanigan is a World Record, Extreme Sport Shooter that advocates safety, personal fitness, shooting sports acceptance and recognition. He’s a television star, currently performing live shows and attempting new records in the historic, Wild West town of Deadwood, South Dakota.
Patrick Flanigan website

Team Shooters
Minnesota’s Gould Brothers Exhibition Team or GBX features spirited, trick shooters Aaron and Steve Gould.

“The Gould brothers perform highly unique and entertaining live exhibition shooting shows for events across the country. From Aaron's push up shot to Steve's limbo shot to the unique two person throw and load shots, we guarantee you have never seen anything quite like this!” -gbxshooting.com

“One of our goals it to spark that interest in kids and adults, to help ensure that the (shooting) heritage continues." –Steve Gould

Meet The Gould Brothers
Both Gould brothers are true-to-life personalities, who publish their struggles with faith and personal holiness. The Gould Brothers promote hunting, conservation, safety and “living with a purpose” -gbxshooting.com

The Gould Brothers 2013 Game Fair performances
Twice daily at 11:30 AM and 5:00 PM / 4:30 PM Sundays

Game Fair
America’s most personal and engaging sporting convention, Game Fair easily outclasses other shows. Held outdoors, towards the fall, Game Fair is an example of the European tradition for sporting expositions called “Country Shows” or “Game Fairs”.

Naturally set in America’s interior and Upper Midwest, Game Fair is a neutral site for this national convergence of Field Sports and is a worthwhile travel destination.

Dates | Hours
Two Consecutive Weekends
AUGUST 9th, 10th, 11th
AUGUST 16th, 17th, 18th
9 AM – 5 and 6 PM

Venue | Site
80 acre setting of lush woods, water and fields:
Armstrong Ranch Kennels/Ramsey, Minnesota
*Ramsey is West of Anoka and is a suburb of The Twin Cities, Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota USA.

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