Work Shoes | Testing Magnum’s New Viper Pro

Wide Widths Available | Price Survey $79.95-$106.95

Work Shoe Facts
Sooner or later work shoes deteriorate and need to be replaced. Before buying discount work shoes, stiff clogs or worse, have a look at the new multipurpose work shoes from Magnum.

Viper Pro 3.0
Tactical Advantage   
Born from Britain’s top selling athletic shoe firm, to supply U.S. Federal agents, California’s Magnum® is both a tactical and civilian market supplier of technical work shoes and boots.

Weight and Fit
On a Taylor® bathroom scale, wide Viper Pros, size 9.5 weighed 16 ounces each (4-10 ounces less than other, similar shoes). Viper Pros have a very committed, professional grade fit and an equalized flex. 

Upper materials are genuine leather, ballistic (explosion, impact resistant) nylon, and other lightweight parts. 

Round, cord style/tactical laces and precise, reinforced guides.

Insole | Lining
Mesh interior has spill protection and a ventilated, removable insole.

Heels | Toes
For those who move doors with their feet, climb or test the rocks, Viper Pros have bumpers that save the shoe areas usually ruined by abrasion. Flexible toe and heel fins grip ramps and help in climbing.

Sole | Tread | Shank
Labeled oil and slip resistant, the Viper Pro has finer tread on the surface of deep, beveled lugs and stabilizers, resulting in a more sanitary shoe. The Viper Pro is non-metallic by design.

Reinforced and meticulously sewn. Suitable for traditional shoe maintenance, restoratives and preservatives.

Unhelpful Aspects
Neither Vegan nor Vegan footwear. Not recommended for skydiving.

The author experienced a minor break-in period of approximately an hour while working and probably because of extra thin socks. Wearing these shoes a few hours ahead of work would probably eliminate any likelihood of a break-in period while working. 

The Viper Pro developed less wrinkles or creases than the 5 other brands recently tested by the author. After 3 weeks, each Viper Pro shoe had only a single, shallow crease before the toe area, just below the tongue and this was not aesthetically disconcerting.

Although Viper Pros do not require expensive, aftermarket insoles, It is possible to experiment with thermal or cooling insoles to customize the warmth of these shoes, in extreme environments. 

MAGNUM® | Essential Equipment™


The author has been wearing and testing black work shoes for approximately 28 years and has tested approximately 42 different work shoes during this period. The author, on a mission to revive his skills, requested the opportunity to test the new Viper Pro 3.0 and utilized a donated, sample for this purpose. The author is not otherwise affiliated or associated with Magnum® nor has the author received pecuniary compensation or incentive from Magnum®.

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