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Field and Stream (an essential curator of the North American Field Sport narrative) has finally transcended all the usual sins of adventure manuals and handbooks. The Total Outdoorsman Manual is a dependable manual worth owning. 

Restart Adventure
Discover how to thrive in all seasons and situations. The Total Outdoorsman Manual is a practical activities handbook as well as an exciting amenity for any camp, boat, trip, pack, den, office, coffee table, resort and library. 

Language and Title
The Total Outdoorsman Manual is related to The Total Outdoorsman Challenge; a long-running competition, print, television and web series. 

This is a number and color-system, quick-reference book.
Full-page illustrations are realistic and easy to understand. 

A hot commodity, The Total Outdoorsman Manual has been spotted by this reviewer at Home Improvement Stores, Walmart, Barnes and Noble and Half Priced Books.

What’s Inside:

About This Book:

A Field and Stream Book 

10th Anniversary Edition
Updated and Expanded 

T. Edward Nickens

Flexible Cover
7-3/4 inches by 9-1/2 inches
ISBN 9781616286101
320 Pages 

Online Price Survey $14.56 - $35.95
[eBook, iBook, iTunes]
Online Price Survey $13.99

About This Review
The reviewer obtained The Total Outdoorsman Manual in a shabby grocery bag as a giveaway from The Maine Outdoorsman’s fall sweepstakes.

The MaineOutdoorsman is a web series by Steve Vose, The Rabid Outdoorsman. Rabid (Steve V.) has 
“A deep, set interest and passion for introducing children, women and novice sportsmen to (our) outdoor traditions”. He publishes the “Wonders of the great outdoors” and “A wide variety of outdoor activities”

The Maine Outdoorsman

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Joseph Hord said...

I received the same book a while back as a gift. I picked up quite a few tips and ideas from it. It's definitely worth reading.