Top solution for shotgun accuracy: Burris optics and forever warranty (in-depth editorial, photos)

Proper Fit
Shotguns, as purchased, are typically inaccurate. Proof for this, is the continuous practice of custom gun fitting, stock bending, stock positioning, barrel bending, barrel regulation, choke boring, and the warning to “pattern your gun”.

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Elegance and Efficiency
The ubiquitous theory, that the human body comprises all of the aiming mechanisms for a shotgun (including the assertion that a shotgun’s bead sight is unnecessary or impairing), hangs on the belief that an aiming point cannot share focus with a target.

Optic sights display an adjustable aiming point in the same focus as the target.

The FastFire (red dot) reticle from Burris

An always adjustable sight method is the only rational conclusion and practical solution for accurizing shotguns. Modern-day, patent publications for shotguns reveal this: 
“…the sighting plane is adjustable through the mountings to fix the point of impact with respect to the point of aim…” –Rose / Browning, U.S. Patent Publication US4878308 A.  Adjustable shotgun rib. 1989. 

“It is reasonable to say that no two shooters hold a gun exactly the same, see the same thing when they pull the trigger, or react to gun recoil the same. Since all of these considerations affect the point of impact, it becomes apparent that no mass produced gun will satisfy the point of impact preference of all shooters.” –Linde, Kopinski, Lewis / Remington, U.S. Patent Publication US4117617 A. Adjustable sighting rib. 1977.

Reflex Sights  
Developed by imaginative people, in the early 1900’s and originally called reflector sights, these open type, optical sights add an adjustable reticle to the shooters field of view.

Howard Grubb:
 A New Collimating-telescope Gun-Sight for Large and Small Ordnance. The Scientific transactions of the Royal Dublin Society. Vol. VII, August 1901. 

Electric and Nonelectric Shotgun Sight Patent Drawings
(left, electric) Bethke Clarence E, U.S. Patent Publication US2596522A A. Illuminated gun sight. 1950
(right, nonelectric) Davis / Swain Nelson Co., U.S. Patent Publication US2633051 A. Gun sight. 1945

FastFire Series
Burris (Colorado, USA) Company’s FastFire Series of red dot sights, are nearing a decade of production and user influenced improvement. Some of Burris’ other sights (Fullfield series) are nearing 42 years of production.

Sky Worthy
Burris’ FastFire sights are fitted for all forms of hunting and wingshooting. As a sporting good, dot/reflex sight makers have always emphasized bird hunting, wing shooting and lead (ahead) shooting:
“Burris revolutionized bird hunting by introducing the only red dot sighting system specifically designed for shotguns. The bright red dot helps you see your aiming point better—and gets you on target faster.” - 2016
“Puts a pattern in the sky” “You… an expert wing shot” “…greatly aiding in lead shooting” “…every age, both men and women…provides…new satisfaction for hunters” “greatest advancement in shotgun sighting yet made” – Popular Mechanics. Nydar Shotgun Sight Print Advertisement / March 1946

Accuracy Rules
Ammunition rulings and mandates have reduced the effectiveness of ammunition over the last few decades while obligations for (shotgun) accuracy have progressively increased. Wounding or crippling a game animal is unethical and perhaps illegal, unless a reasonable effort is made to retrieve (and kill) the wounded animal. Wounding and killing extra or nongame animals is always illegal.

FastFire Advantage  
The FastFire sight replaces (or combines with) other front/rear sights and corrects aiming problems. The FastFire displays an adjustable, illuminated, (aiming) red-dot which shares focus with a target, at any range. The red-dot remains zeroed and visibly zeroed, on the target, trajectory or point of impact, regardless of the user's viewing angle. Both eyes remain open while using this sight and the user's visual field is not altered.    

Total Freedom
The FastFire is handy and fun. The FastFire’s ambidextrous design is compatible with (users') physical and visual conditions including cross/mixed-handedness/eyedness.  

Get a FastFire Sight

$26.66 - $269.80 
(Online Shopping Survey, mounts / sights)
  • Decide if you want to combine a FastFire sight with additional sights and/or how upright you want your head to be while shooting.
  • Select a SpeedBead System or FastFire Series from Burris

What You Get

[ There may be some variations in packaging ] 

The FastFire:
  • Compact  
  • Waterproof
  • Shock and Recoil Proof
  • Glare Proof 
  • Operates in Low/High Temperatures and Light

Tools are included. Full Instructions and booklet are only a few pages (proof the FastFire is highly developed).  

Shown is the FastFire 3 with clicking adjustments for windage and elevation. 

The FastFire can be (laser) bore-sighted at home or indoors for a preliminary or basic zeroing adjustment.

Nowadays, shotguns (along with rifles and pistols) are built and marketed as adaptive or special purpose “platforms”, having capacity for supplementary configurations, and technologies.

Burris’ AR-F3 is a complete sight and mount package sold together. The AR-F3 Mount is also offered unaccompanied by an (optic) sight.   

Burris’ AR-F3 Mount is a heavily armored and ruggedized cradle for FastFire sights (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze) and is fitted for Weaver/Picatinny saddles, rails and bases.

Spare Battery
The battery shown is an extra, spare battery that stores in the AR-F3 Mount.

Regular Battery
FastFire sights use the same battery as car keys (fob), fitness watches and pedometers.

Stress-Free Utility
AR-F3 Mounts store tools and an extra battery for regular and field use.

AR-F3 sights can be removed in any setting, with basic implements, by hand, if necessary.   

Sun Shade
The FastFire3 sight automatically adjusts to lighting conditions, has an auto shut-off and will blink before the battery needs to be replaced.  A sun-shade cover is also included.

Tube Sight Configuration
The FastFire Sun-Shade has dual lenses to further ruggedize and contain the FastFire optic. 

Because FastFire sights are compact or mini, initial adjustments may seem fiddly for some. Afterwards though, users can enjoy this tough, well-built sight along with a lifetime warranty. 

Author’s Notes:
The author anticipated writing about improved sight methods for almost a decade while searching for a friendly, reasonable optic brand worthy of publicity. The author imagines anyone, including those with limited abilities or eye conditions should enjoy the conveniences of a Burris sight. The author himself enjoys making the shot with his head straight and both eyes open. Lastly, the author wishes to a
cknowledge and congratulate Burris for their reliable accuracy, heritage, and dedication to sporting goods.

Burris Website:

The Author requested this opportunity to test, review and give opinion for the FastFire™ 3 (Red Dot) Sight from Burris. The Author utilized a consigned, loaned and returnable sample for this purpose. The Author is not otherwise affiliated or associated with Burris Optics Company and has not received pecuniary compensation or incentive from Burris. Statements in this blog (a personal space) may be opinions (editorial) and/or conceptual theories of the author.  

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