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“Not long ago, I used a plumber’s auger to remove a whole rag from the middle of a shotgun barrel.”     -TRF
Intended for provisional field use; pull-through gun cleaning systems made from thong, rope, cord or links, have been a regular item since the mid 19th century. Early American gun cleaning supplies included brick dust, mercurial ointment and sperm oil. Today’s pull-through cleaning is based on thin, precision cables, portability and succeeding as a primary cleaning system.

Premium Features
Inserting a cable through the chamber of a gun, from the breech, is perhaps more dependent upon the gun being unloaded than other cleaning methods. Cabled cleaning systems reverse the typical waste flow that can pollute the gun’s action, trigger group or magazine.

Work Site | Underlay | Waste Stream

Although cabled cleaning systems are very discreet and can be used anywhere, an apt site for gun cleaning is a boot tray ($3).

A paint roller tray is also a handy receptacle for cleaning and rinsing parts.

Home-based gun cleaning allows for full-size containers of cleaning supplies and rinses such as Liquid Wrench®, Break Free ®, Smith and Wesson®, Rem® Oil and KleenBore™. Natural clay granules are an absorbent for oil and solvent waste. Trays and absorbents should be continuously dried outdoors when not in use. Fabric used for gun cleaning should be fully dried outdoors before washing or disposal.

Accessory Thread Sizes | Cables 
A common thread size for newer, universal gun cleaning systems or kits is No 8-32.

All the parts and accessories in a Bore-Squeeg-E™ Gun Cleaning System are No 8-32 matched threads. Cables terminate with knurled swivel connectors that allow cables and accessories to rotate. 

Accurizing Cleaning:
A forerunner and defender of well-ordered, practical gun cleaning is Rogers Shooting School.

Bill Rogers (FBI emeritus) developed the Bore Squeeg-E accessories included in many of America’s innovative gun cleaning systems. Rogers’ Deluxe and School Edition Cleaning Systems include a signature cleaning compound that improves accuracy by safely abrading and cleaning ammunition component residues and improving bore surfaces.

Bore Squeeg-E™

“When I first saw the Bore Squeeg-E, I immediately understood this was something significant” -TRF

The Bore Squeeg-E™ is a durable gun cleaning accessory that replaces mops, patches and floss. Squeegees are much more efficient than fabric and reduce waste.

With a single pass, the Bore Squeeg-E’s circular blades remove and control the flow of waste in a smoothbore or rifled barrel. This includes cleaning the grooves of a rifled bore.

Notes | Observations
Surprisingly, when touched, the Bore Squeeg-E™ does not flex much against skin, but is apparently yielding enough to clean and dry bores/rifling. 

The Bore Squeeg-E™ must not be inserted into a fouled or dry barrel and requires a lubricant or rinse be present within the barrel.


It is the author’s analysis that the Bore Squeeg-E™ must not be pulled through a ported choke. Instead, reinstall the non-ported, smooth, recessed or factory choke before cleaning a shotgun.

Remove these types of ported aftermarket chokes and reinstall factory choke before cleaning a shotgun.

The Bore Squeeg-E™/Rogers Shooting School/Deluxe Edition/Universal Gun Cleaning System/Kit.

Includes everything needed to clean barrels, chambers, actions and receivers.
Accessories clean up with soap and water.
Made in the USA.

The Bore Squeeg-E™/Rogers Shooting School/Deluxe Edition/Universal Gun Cleaning System/Kit can be purchased direct from:

Holster Ops - Your Source For Safariland Holsters

I requested the opportunity to test and give opinion for the Bore Squeeg-E™, utilizing donated samples for this purpose. I am not associated with Bore Squeeg-E™ owners, affiliates, manufactures, licensees or retailers and have neither received pecuniary compensation nor incentive from these.


Savage said...

This has to be one of the best gun cleaning articles i have seen. I really liked your ability to mix everyday items like boot mats, guns, and paint trays with new products. I will have to give some of it a try thanks.

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

Thanks Savages,
A structured, gun cleaning routine can always be streamlined.
I don’t put anything from gun cleaning in the garbage anymore. Two trays and one rag get dried outdoors.

Ricky Anderson said...

That looks like an awesome product. Thanks for the review.